Chelsea English

Legislative Chair

Noblesville Schools

AJ McKeague

Membership Chair

​Merrillville Schools

Tracy Beer​

Website Chair

​Lawrence Township Schools 

Belinda Justus

SSW Of the Year

Fort Wayne Community Schools 

Terry Miller 

Midwest Rep
Greenfield Central

Tera Pulley 
Indianapolis Public Schools

Indiana School Social Work Association
P.O. Box 36826

Indianapolis, IN 46236 US

Regional Board Representatives 


Statement of Purpose: 

•To promote the effective use of school social work services for students and their parents throughout the State of Indiana.

•To promote the school social work practitioner's individual growth and professional development

•To ensure that the highest standards of professional school social work practice are upheld.

•To promote communication within the profession, with members of the association, other educational disciplines, and private and public organizations interested in the educational welfare of students.

•To promote school social work as a specialized field of practice through public awareness and education.

School Social Work Association of America 

SSWAA is the national voice supporting the roles of School Social Workers. A representative from Midwest Council attends SSWAA meetings and networks with other school social workers from around the country.

SSWAA hosts an annual conference at a different location each year.

Find more information about SSWAA at

Board of Directors​​

IN Department of Education Consultant: 

Jennifer Buetler 
Tippecanoe Schools

BOARD information

Northwest: AJ McKeague

Northeast: Brooke Murray

Central:Elizabeth Elliot, Michelle Tuttle,, & Kim Winkel

West Central:   

East Central: Beth Hoban 

South Central:  Kelly Miller      

Southwest: Natalie Werner 
Shannon Johnson & Kendra Needham                                  

Sarah Gould 
Indianapolis Public Schools

Michele Whaley
Nobelsville Schools

Jane Zobel
Past President
Retired IPS Social Worker

About Us 

Kimberly Holleman

Marketing Chair

Northwest Hendricks Schools

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INSSWA has been serving school social workers in the state of Indiana since 1997. INSSWA promotes school social work throughout the state by advocating for student services within all schools. The Association reaches out to school social workers by hosting an annual fall conference which offers workshops on current practice issues. Additionally, INSSWA offers regional workshops and spring and summer seminars. INSSWA is an affiliate member of the School Social Work Association of America and a member of the Midwest Council of School Social Workers. INSSWA’s Board of Directors meet four times a year and serve the Association by chairing committees.

Sally Allen 

​Communication Chair

Indianapolis Public Schools

SSWAA & Midwest Council 

Midwest Council of School Social Workers 

The Midwest Council consists of all school social work associations in eleven surrounding states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. These states each have School Social Work Associations and send delegates to Midwest Council meetings twice a year to discuss issues that affect school social workers.

​Each year, one of the eleven states hosts the Midwest Conference, which offers an opportunity to hear speakers from around the nation and the chance to network with hundreds of other school social workers.

Find more information about the Midwest Council at