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 You may join INSSWA at anytime, but please note that our membership year runs from August to August.

We are currently accepting payments for membership for the 2018-2019 school year. 

There is a $2.00 processing fee for joining / renewing online. 

Membership Information

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Membership consists of four categories: regular members, charter members, retired members and affiliate members

Regular Members: 


Any person who holds an MSW degree, who is licensed by the State of Indiana, and is employed by and responsible to a public or private school system of Indiana shall, upon payment of annual membership dues, become an active regular member.  Regular membership shall also include school social work educators, school social work administrators, and those members who are actively seeking employment as school social worker.  Those who hold a BSW or other grandfathered degree, and have been a regular member of INSSWA prior to August 31, 2010, will continue to hold regular membership.

Charter Members: 


Any Regular or Retired person who has had continuous membership since November 1997.

Retired Members:


Any person retired from a school social work position who is licensed by the state of Indiana. 

Affiliate Members: 


Affiliate members shall include those individuals desiring membership in INSSWA who are: professional and paraprofessional people working in related fields, school social work students and others who subscribe to the purposes of the organization, or any professional working in a school system that holds a BSW and has not been a member prior to August 31, 2010.