Conference: Jane Zobel 

Legislation: Yvonne Hollins 

Membership: Jennifer DeFelice 

Communications: Scott Stroud

Audit: Megan Thomas 

Website: Julie Rosier  ​​

​​2016 INSSWA Committees

Get Involved!

Midwest: Terry Miller 

Mini-Grants: Terry Miller 

SSW of the Year: Belinda Justice

Promotions: Megan Thomas 

Scholarships: Patrice Uminski  

Nominations:Patrice Uminski

There are many committees you may participate in through the Indiana School Social Work Association. Participation will allow you an opportunity to get involved, lead, and contribute to our profession to strengthen the services that we provide to students, school social workers, schools, families, and communities.

Below are the committees and the chairperson(s) with their e-mail contact.

​We hope to hear from you soon!